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More than 10 years of experience in surfactant customization, to tailor solutions for you The factory research and development Case for custom Clear matching

More than ten years experience in chemical products We focus on surfactants, detergents

  • Nantong Helan Micro new materials is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, development and production
  • Is a company specializing in the field of surfactants,
  • At the same time distribution of petroleum and supercritical chemical instruments.

Professional and efficient Fully customized to meet all your needs

  • High efficiency - it has strong degreasing ability for heavy oil, and its product performance is better than that of competitors.
  • At room temperature or temperature without addition of defoamer to achieve a persistent low - bubble or bubble - free effect.
  • Super cleaning ability to heavy oil, with other conventional surfactants incomparable cleaning performance.
  • Low (no) bubble, good foam stability, strong degreasing power!

Strictly control every production process health and safety management system certification

  • Most products do not need high temperature to have excellent degreasing power!
  • From raw material procurement and production processing, finished product inspection, strict product quality control, to ensure that the interests of customers to get the maximum protection. Dust suppressant, silicone oil emulsifier

Complete service system 24-hour response

  • After more than 10 years of development, my company not only the quality of products to optimize and refine, has been improving.
  • At present, our company has established a complete after-sales service network in the country, northwest, North China, East China, South China, Central China and southwest China have professional after-sales service points, can provide professional fast and effective after-sales support for the majority of customers.

Nantong Helan Micro New Materials Co. LTD

        Nantong Gao Jun chemical Co., Ltd. is engaged in the research and development of surfactant products and its technology, sales of high-tech enterprises. At the same time distribution of petroleum and supercritical chemical instruments. The company is mainly committed to the production of surfactants and the development of new products, ready to provide customers with product application, new product development and other technical support, willing to help customers to solve various difficulties encountered in the production process.

        The company's products are widely used in textile, printing and dyeing, dye, cleaning, paper, leather, environmental protection, metal processing, coating, medicine, cosmetics, pesticides, fertilizer, food and other fields. The factory has an annual capacity of 50,000 tons of various kinds of surfactants, the products have formed more than ten categories, more than 30 series, more than 300 varieties. We are continuously developing new products to meet the needs of our increasing customers on the basis of consolidating our existing products.

        The company attaches great importance to the quality of products, as the quality of life, in the process of development, adhering to the purpose of rather than excessive, to ensure that the products sold to customers are the best quality products and raw materials. Because we know that the quality of our products is directly related to the quality and reputation of our customers' products, and is related to the growth of customers' enterprises, which is very important to us.

        High-quality product quality is your assured guarantee, the right price is your competitive power!

        After years of efforts, the company's increasingly stable sales channels, production of products with the best quality and price advantage to occupy a certain market, on the basis of stable development, we are eagerly looking for colleagues at home and abroad, and the social from all walks of life support and glad to, as your reliable partner for a long time, the company is willing to work with you hand in hand advance together, towards a better tomorrow.

        If the majority of users want to further understand the performance of our products, use, you can call, letter consultation, also through the Internet inquiry.


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